Fenreya Björnsdøttir ~ Piercer


Currently, our piercing studio is open Tuesday-Thursday 12-8 and
Friday-Saturday 1-10. We take walk-ins on a first come first served basis. Generally, we
take our last walk-in about 40 minutes before closing. If you plan to come by for a
walk-in in the last hour we are open make sure to call ahead to check that we can get
you in.

State ID Requirements:

All clients must present valid state or government issued
photographic ID prior to each piercing.

Minors being pierced must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
Acceptable forms of ID are: State issued learners permit or driver’s license, birth
certificate, military ID or passport. Accompanying parent must have state-issued
photographic ID and names and addresses must match on parent and children’s ID.
Please call and go over your particular situation with the piercer if names or addresses
do not match.

Piercing Minors: Piercing minors is at the discretion of the piercer, generally we
provide most basic piercings to clients 14 and older. Oral and Oral/facial piercings will
not be performed on minors.

–Under no circumstances will nipple or genital piercings be performed on minors
regardless of parental consent.–

–Earlobe piercings can be done on children 6 years and older depending on maturity,
please bring the child in for a quick and free consultation with our piercer.–

Jewelry and Jewelry Quality: All initial piercings will be performed with:
ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium
ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Steel
Pure Niobium
High quality non-porous lead-free glass

All jewelry is internally threaded or threadless.

All jewelry meets the criteria set forth by the Association of Professional Piercers.

Jewelry comes with a lifetime quality guarantee from the manufacturer and most jewelry
is made in the United States.

What to expect when you arrive:

Our piercer will happily answer any and all questions
you may have prior to the piercing. Jewelry options will be discussed and you will be
assisted in finding the perfect piece for your new or existing piercing. Sometimes a
quick private consultation is needed in the piercing room to fit jewelry for certain
piercings (such as nipple or genital piercings). After jewelry is selected you will fill out
paperwork while the jewelry and needed instruments are being sterilized.

Once in the piercing room, the piercer will walk you through every step of the way.
Generally, piercings are very quick, your time in the piercing room will be brief and the
piercing itself takes just the blink of an eye. After washing their hands the piercer will
don gloves and clean and mark your piercing site. Once the site is agreed upon a
second skin cleaning prep will be performed. The sterile tray will be opened and
implements laid out for the piercing. Once the piercing is complete you’ll get a chance to
take a peek at the new you!

What happens after the piercing is done:

Clients will be given verbal and written
aftercare for the piercing and an option to purchase one of the many aftercare products
we have available for sale. If the instructions get lost please feel free to email or stop by
for another copy. It is advised to return in 3-4 weeks (2-3 for oral piercings) for a check
up on the progress of your healing piercing. Many piercings swell and we pierce with
jewelry to accommodate that. Once the piercing is no longer swollen, downsizing is a
good decision and prevents potential complications from excess jewelry length. Please
feel free to call, email or stop in to discuss any questions or concerns you have with
your piercing and for any jewelry changes, you might need help with. Keep in mind there
are many websites with misinformation about piercings out there and advice from
friends might not always be the most up to date information. We are always happy to
help you in any way we are able!

Piercing Fee Price List


Helix: $25
Lobe: $25
All Basic: $30
Surface Anchor: $35 (discounts on multiple)
Septum: $35
Industrial: $40
Genital: $45
Tooth Gems: 1 Crystal – $46.39
2 Crystals – $77.78
22K Gold – $111.94
We have a variety of the industry’s highest quality
jewelry available in implant quality metals to fit a
wide range of budgets.
Basic Piercings:
Rook, Tragus, Daith, Forward Helix, Conch,
Anti-Helix, Snug, Eyebrow, Nipple, Navel, Tongue,
Lip, Philtrum, Medusa, Vertical Lip, Ashley,
Madonna, Marilyn, Beauty Mark, Upper Lip, Smiley,
Frowny, Labret, Nostril

NO Cheek Piercings
NO Venom Piercings (Horizontal Tongue)
NO Oral or Genital Piercings on Minors

Minor Documents Accepted:
Drivers License
Learners Permit
Birth Certificate
Military ID